โ€˜Why now?โ€™ you may ask?

The time is now to create a transformational and collaborative ecosystem that will bring about cleaner, sustainable and more efficient business models and practices, through a unity of manufacturers and makers. Businesses in all sectors are seeing the benefits of collaboration and sharing skills and experience.

The world is constantly changing, and if we donโ€™t implement some form of change now, we may get left behind.

We canโ€™t do this alone, however, and are lucky to count endorsements from a network of 21 partners from around the continent:

  • Banca Etica
  • Social Innovation Fund
  • Ente Cassa Di Risparmio Di Firenze
  • Comune Di Firenze
  • ColaBoraBora
  • CNA Toscana
  • Impact Hub Firenze
  • Movimiento Idun
  • Startup X
  • Deutsch-Slowakische Industrie- und Handelskammer
  • International Centre for Contemporary Culture
  • Wikitoki
  • Haceria Arteak-Zawp
  • FabLab Firenze
  • Opendesk
  • Integrated Services for Enterprises
  • ItaliaCamp srl
  • Soluciones Sicnova SL
  • Arcpl Toscana
  • Teknologisk Institut
  • SocialFare