‘Why now?’ you may ask?

The time is now to create a transformational and collaborative ecosystem that will bring about cleaner, sustainable and more efficient business models and practices, through a unity of manufacturers and makers. Businesses in all sectors are seeing the benefits of collaboration and sharing skills and experience.

The world is constantly changing, and if we don’t implement some form of change now, we may get left behind.

We can’t do this alone, however, and are lucky to count endorsements from a network of 21 partners from around the continent:

  • Banca Etica
  • Social Innovation Fund
  • Ente Cassa Di Risparmio Di Firenze
  • Comune Di Firenze
  • ColaBoraBora
  • CNA Toscana
  • Impact Hub Firenze
  • Movimiento Idun
  • Startup X
  • Deutsch-Slowakische Industrie- und Handelskammer
  • International Centre for Contemporary Culture
  • Wikitoki
  • Haceria Arteak-Zawp
  • FabLab Firenze
  • Opendesk
  • Integrated Services for Enterprises
  • ItaliaCamp srl
  • Soluciones Sicnova SL
  • Arcpl Toscana
  • Teknologisk Institut
  • SocialFare