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‘I understand the patient journey, and that’s key’ says SecureABag’s Nicola Shaw

OpenMaker visits Brussels’ innovation event Makerstown

‘It’s important not to get left behind in the thinking, but we need to be mindful of challenging too,’ says Make’s Alex Christey-Kelly

‘You must move quickly to get products to market,’ says Sensor City executive director Alison Mitchell

“We want to provide a space where makers and innovators are allowed to fail,” says Objocopier’s Rob Black

‘My job feels like an extension of who I am, and I’m passionate about it,’ says Microhomes’ Sally Gilford

Kick-start your startup with tech event access

‘We need to find commonality’ says Liverpool AquaFarm’s Jimmy Haughey

‘Paper could be considered the first industrial revolution,’ says Angela Loveridge. ‘We wouldn’t be where we are today without it.’

‘How can we use 4.0 for good to challenge issues like overproduction and waste?’ asks Fiona Armstrong-Gibbs

UK chooses ten semi-finalists

Give creatives control over their means of production, says John Lancaster

Paul Myers: streamlining and efficiency are critical to development when you’re collaborating

OpenMaker launches at Sensor City

Kirsten Little: you need people to turn ideas into reality

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